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Organizing and Moving service

This summer my company hired Robyn to assist with the relocation of our headquarters.  Not only did Robyn have a "roll up the sleeves” attitude but she implemented improvements that I could not have imagined otherwise.   Robyn is process-oriented and her talents truly shine when one isn't really sure what is needed next!  Her down-to earth, relatable personality set everybody at ease including the landlords, summer interns, employees and construction team.   Robyn's efficiency, vision and organizational skills all contributed in getting our new office set up in a way that optimized convenience and ease-of-use on a day to day basis.  She’s a lifesaver!

Kathy D.

Organizing and Moving service - King of Prussia, PA


"Robyn had an excellent eye and knew where she wanted to go. The results of her work were quite effective and the staging resulted in nice pictures. We would definitely recommend Robyn to others. She was fun to work with, had a great eye for where things should go to maximize the look of a room.  Thanks for all of your hard work. It paid off."

Charlotte and Bob G.

Staging - West Chester, PA

Occupied Home Staging Consultation 

"Robyn's consultation was tremendously helpful, quick and easy!  Staging our house was the most important factor in helping us purge before we hit the market!  Robyn gave us ideas on what features should be highlighted in each space of the house. We also received a detailed checklist that came in very handy and definitely saved us time! 


Moving is tough! Having a plan and direction was the key to keeping us on pace and focused!" 

Suzanne K.

Occupied Home Staging Consultation - Newtown Square, PA


"I have immensely enjoyed working with Robyn. She has an amazing talent for interior design/staging.  She does not try to “push” her ideas on to you, rather she makes suggestions and asks for your feedback. She offers multiple solutions to your questions and can very easily identify if you are apprehensive about a suggestion, and will gladly give you additional ideas.  On Robyn’s first visit, I was shocked at how many ideas she had for my house during the time that she was there.  She can just walk into the room and immediately come up with ways to improve the room.  She has a lot of suggestions for just moving items around the house or just eliminating items, which does not cost any money.  She is always available via email or phone to answer any questions you have, even while you are out shopping and are not sure if you should buy something!  I have truly enjoyed working with Robyn and she has been a great consultant which has turned into a great friendship!"

Linda S.

Staging/Redesign - Chadds Ford, PA

Home Redesign 


Q: How would you rate the level of trust and comfort working with me.

A: Excellent.  I love that you give your opinion but are happy to discuss many options.  This has definitely built my trust and comfort with you.

Q: How would you rate the amount of time I spent with you.

A:  Just right.  The ideas and product suggestions keep coming at just the right pace; I am not overwhelmed and I can keep up, but on the other hand I always have something new and fun to look forward to!


Q: Do you feel I understand your style preferences?

A:  Absolutely.  You have honed in on my style exactly, and almost every one of the products you have suggested reflect that.


Q: Did I present you with ideas you like? 

A: Definitely.  Your ideas not only for products but for making over the look of the rooms entirely & tying everything together are wonderful.


Q: Do you feel I save you money when shopping for items for your home?

A: Yes, you present a number of options so I can pick what best fits our budget.  Some of the sites where you have found products were unknown to me, and very economical.


Q: What do you like/dislike about using a Pinterest board?

A: I am loving my design board on Pinterest! I think this is a really fantastic way to work. I like that we can share ideas easily, I think this would be very cumbersome and unmanageable if we had to share links to sites or some other method of sharing ideas.


Q: Do you find it easy to work on Pinterest?

A:  Yes


Q: Have you purchased anything that I have pinned for you on Pinterest? 

A: Many things.


Q: Is there anything you can recommend that I do differently? 

A: No!


Q: Would you recommend me to a friend or family member?

A: Without a doubt.


I have found the entire process of working with you to have clear expectations, be very efficient and just as important, fun!  I truly appreciate your ideas and it is clear that you are tailoring your suggestions to my style, which helps with the efficient and fun part.  I am really looking forward to living in my updated new space, which I would never have been able to accomplish without your help.   

Elizabeth M.

Redesign first floor - Exton, PA

Organizing & Packing for a Senior Move 

"Anyone who is facing a move needs Robyn! She was so courteous and respectful of my belongings.  I never feared anything would be taken, broken or handled like junk.  My belongings are important to me and moving has been a very emotional time.  Robyn did absolutely everything I couldn't even get started on and she offered suggestions to make things easier. Robyn also helped sell items that I couldn't take with me. I don't know what I would have done without Robyn."

Diane M.

Organizing & Packing for a Senior Move - Exton, PA

Home Staging/Redesign

"Working with Robyn was delightful and fun.  I looked forward to having her in my home because every time she changed something, I loved it.  I loved watching the transformation of my house.  Robyn helped create my style.


I loved collaborating on the Pinterest board Robyn set up for us.  It really helped with time since both of us could easily save products and images to our board.  I was able to purchase what I wanted right from the board!  Pinterest was easy to use - too easy.  I became addicted to it!  Robyn also introduced me to new stores and to an online yard sale site where I found great deals. 


Robyn was easy to work with and has a great, easy personality.  Her job started as staging and ended up being a home renovation. My husband and I loved it so much that we decided to stay."

Kim M.

Staging/Redesign - Ardmore, PA

Senior Move

"Robyn, I can’t believe our move is all done!  Thank you for coordinating the movers, helping me buy new furniture, setting up our new apartment and for all the moral support!  Robyn, you are just super! Our new apartment looks so nice and open. You really have a good eye for things."

Jean R.

Furniture selection, set up new apartment, coordinated movers for Senior Move- Berwyn, PA

Occupied Staging Consultation 

Q - Did my consultation help you prepare your house for sale?

A - "Absolutely... especially when you backed up your suggestions and said why..."


Q - Did my checklist report come in handy? 

A - "OMG!!  It sure did!!  I carried it around and checked off as I went around each room. My friends were here giving me a hand and thought it was a great idea to stay focused. They were checking items off the list. Great idea to write it down for the client and provide boxes. I loved completing a task and checking it off..!!  I also liked the pictures you sent along with the list. After I "staged", I could see how less cluttered the room appeared. Neighbors came in for the finale and were very complementary."


Q -  Did staging your house get you started packing/purging for your move?  

A - "Oh Yes! I saw the extra stuff I had and don't really need. So I gave away to Goodwill, Habitat and Green Drop."


Q - What did you like/dislike about our consultation?    

A - "All good!  You still listened to what I had to say.  I liked how we worked together ( hanging the pictures )."


Q - Is there anything you can recommend that I do differently?  

A - "hmm......?  I would really have to think about that but no ... all good!"


Q - Would you recommend staging to a friend or family member?

A - "Yes! Keeping focused for me is hard when I have a laundry list to do.  This check off sheet was a great help. I work best when I have a goal to work toward, so having a check list was very helpful."

Maria E.

Staging Consultation - Kennett Square, PA

Home Redesign

"Over the years I’ve attempted to work with three other designers but never continued with them because they did not make suggestions consistent with our style.  This is the first time I’ve worked with anyone that I feel ‘gets’ our taste.  I especially appreciate Robyn's suggestions to repurpose furniture we already own and use them in ways that enhance the look and usefulness of different rooms in the house.  I find collaborating on Pinterest easy to use and easy for me to show others what Robyn has recommended."

Robbie E.

Redesign (3 rooms) - Media, PA

Paint Color Consultation 

"What a pleasure it has been working with Robyn! We were "frozen" as to what colors to paint the interior of our condo, so we kept putting the project off. Robyn to the rescue - she listened, asked the right questions, was prepared and flexible. The result  - perfectly chosen paint colors for each room in our home! 
We highly recommend Robyn, with her friendly, low-key manner and professional attitude."

Fran and Ron L.

Paint Color Consultation - West Chester, PA

Home Redesign

"I had become very unhappy with my home.  I wanted my home to be a calm haven, but instead there was stuff everywhere which made it anything but peaceful.  I read articles and books on getting organized, but nothing worked. My consultation with Robyn was very thorough and fun – mostly because it was all about me!  She asked me a lot of questions and really listened to my answers. We discussed colors, what I like and disliked about each room, and a budget.  My home now feels like a ‘new’ place.  It finally reflects my priorities and taste/style.  It is the peaceful haven I always wanted, and it is also functional.  Can’t ask for more than that!"

Lori C.

Redesign - West Chester, PA

Occupied Home Staging Consultation

"Having a home staging consultation was great! I thought it was very helpful and beneficial. It got me started on packing up and made the house look beautiful and ready to sell. The consultation also gave me some great ideas for organizing things around the house. Working with Robyn was awesome! She was very professional, helpful and had amazing ideas. I would recommend both Robyn and home staging consultations to anyone trying to sell their home".  Only on the market 1 day and received an offer. 

Meg C.

Staging Consultation - West Chester, PA


"You did such a good job.  You just went at it like you know what you were doing!"

*Assisted Marge with organizing her storage unit. Services: Disposal and donation of items no longer needed. Organized remaining items. 

Marge B.

Senior Organizing - West Chester

Senior Move 

"Robyn, I was very impressed at all your efforts. Thanks for all your help, never could have done it with out you." 

*Assisted Chris with cleaning out her mother's apartment.  Services: arranged and directed movers, organized items for donation and disposal. 

Chris S.

Senior Move - West Chester, PA

Occupied Home Staging Consultation 

"I can confidently state that your support and experience when going through my mom's house, after she passed away, reduced so much stress about making sure it was in good condition to put on the market. You started in a room and explained each suggestion.  The explanation helped me decide if I wanted to take the suggestion or move on.  Even better you followed up with a detailed report so I could make sure that I missed no details. I strongly believe that staging the house helped make sure we received almost list price on day 1."

Nancy D.

Staging Consultaton - Phoenixville, PA

Occupied Home Staging Consultation 

"Working with Robyn was a wonderful experience while getting our home ready to put on the market. Her ideas and attention to detail made all the difference in presenting our beautiful home to potential buyers.  It was only on the market 2 days!! I highly recommend Robyn as a staging consultant!! Thank you for all your help!!!!!"  

Kelly B.

Staging Consultation - Lafayette Hill, PA

Occupied Home Staging Consultation 

"It was a great experience that helped us realize the difference between having our house decorated to our style vs truly staging for purposes of selling the home (more plain, open etc.).  We received great tips to clearing out the space to make it feel more open and clean.  It was helpful to also use items we already had in the house as we didn’t want to spend a whole lot buying new things.

Melissa R.

Staging Consultation - Wallingford, PA

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