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WE work together!


As a Home Stager, I partner with realtors by offering comprehensive occupied home staging consultations and preparation services to their clients.  My services save realtors valuable time so that they can focus on their clients, improve the marketing on listings, sell homes faster and (hopefully) for more money. I would love the opportunity to meet with you and discuss how my services can help your business. 


Additional benefits include:


  • Protects your relationship with your client - I will work closely with your client and present the constructive improvements 

  • Gives you credibility - Shows that you go the extra mile to make sure your listings look their best

  • Houses that sell faster, avoid a price reduction

  • A more organized and less stressful selling experience for your clients



*I am certified in Home Staging & Interior Redesign.  I also received my real estate license from Polley Associates Real Estate School.  I keep current with the market and enjoy attending open houses, broker's opens & agency meetings*


Westtown Buyers

Westtown Buyers


I often recommend Greg, from Westtown Buyers, to many of my senior clients who are downsizing. Greg is very personable and respectful when going through my client's homes. He is also very knowledgable and has been "picking" for over 25 years. My clients enjoy the experience of learning some history and value of their items. Greg buys everything from unique furniture pieces and sterling silver to old clocks, coins, instruments, jewelry, art, sports and military memorabilia.  Westtown Buyers is a great alternative to auctions, which can often be unpredictable. 


"After my mom passed away, we decided to have an estate sale. Greg was great and knows a lot about brands/marks.  He helped me sort through hundreds of tea cups, tea pots, figurines, glassware, and other knick knacks.  It was helpful to have someone with an understanding of the estate sale market and what people will be willing to pay for all of these items."  


  - Kate F.

Havertown , PA



Logan Moving


I highly recommend Logan Movers.  I have used Logan, not only for my personal moves, but for my mom's move and my senior client moves.  We have worked extremely well together for many years. You can feel confident knowing you have chosen a good mover who is very helpful and has "vast experience and knowledge relocating seniors". 

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