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Your life transforms over time, your home should too!

Growing Families ・Busy Professionals ・ Empty Nesters ・Seniors

"Robyn's staging consultation got me to start packing up and made my house look beautiful and ready to sell. We were only on the market 1 day and received an offer!"

Happy couple and their child in their new home


"I worked with Robyn on the design for a new office space. She effectively coordinated and communicated the appropriate information so all contractors were on the same page."


Senior client settled into her new apartment

"Your visiting the house and helping mom decide on what furniture to move was of great comfort to her.  Then, your assertive manner in working with the movers on the day of the move was a tremendous relief."

Senior living

Robyn Jewitt

Let's work together!

It is important for me to get to know my clients and understand why they want to make a change with their home, whether they are moving or not.  It helps me to make recommendations that fit their current lifestyle.  I enjoy working with my clients to help them achieve their goals. 

I love when my clients say..."I would never have thought to do that!", "You really understand us", "I didn't know that!", "This is really cool - I am excited!!", "You are awesome, it's like I just mention something and tada, you have an idea!"


Refresh & Organize

"Over the years I've attempted to work with 3 other designers but never continued with them because they did not make suggestions consistent with our style. Robyn is the first designer that I have worked with that I feel "gets" our taste."


"I was very impressed with all your efforts for organizing items for donation, sale, disposal and moving. Thanks for all your help, I never could have done it without you." 

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