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Barn Pretty Sales

December 08, 2015

My friend, Jenna, had a “Barn Pretty Sale” on Friday night and Saturday. Jenna and her husband, Steve, had a barn raising 9 years ago on their amazing property in Collegeville. Ever since the barn was completed, Jenna had a vision to host a Barn sale with all her great finds she has acquired over the years. Jenna collects mostly unwanted items that end up at Estate sales and auctions, yard sales and yes...out on the curb (feel free to hum the tune from Sanford and Son). She purchases them (or not), hauls them away in her car, cleans them, paints them, puts new hardware on them and decorates them! Every item has a story! If you say to Jenna “I love that piece” get ready to hear the tale of where she got it and what she did to it to make you love it!! 

"My mother's table"

April 20, 2016

I love helping clients with furniture selection to bring to their new home.  As I was touring Evelyn’s house, she showed me a rectangular dining table that she was planning to bring to her new home. The dining space in the apartment was not as spacious as her current dining room.  So we discussed how the table would need to be positioned to work best in the new space.  We then headed into Evelyn’s kitchen where this gorgeous round oak table sat.  I immediately said  “Wait a minute, this is the table you should consider taking” Evelyn replied “Really? I didn’t think it would fit.”  It was actually the perfect size.  I noticed Evelyn’s emotional relief as she explained to me that this table had been her mother’s and she thought she would have to let it go.  She quickly said “You mean I can let the dining room table go instead?”  

Fast forward to move-in day!  Evelyn’s response: “It fits perfectly!” Evelyn’s daughter: ”Mom, thank goodness Robyn convinced you to bring this table!”

Pinterest Design Boards for my clients

December 01, 2016

"Secret Boards" on Pinterest are amazing 🙌 Here are some "pins" I used to help a client looking to refresh his office. He really liked working with the board because all the items are linked directly to the company that sells the product. He was able to decide what he wanted and could purchase it when he was ready.

Refresh Kitchen

March 15, 2017

Before and After from my client's house! A refreshed kitchen and family room- new bar stools (from Wayfair), pendant lights (from Wayfair), new rug (from Ballard Designs), whitewashed brick wall, and new picture (from Etsy) above mantel!

Lucy and Bill

August 02, 2017

“I can’t thank Robyn enough for the way she organized my mom’s move from her home of 39 years to an independent senior living community. I was absolutely 100% satisfied with every part of the move – it was wonderful how Robyn was able to provide so many different services in such a thorough, timely and professional manner. Most importantly, Robyn treated both my mom and me like her own family. This was a stressful time for my mom and Robyn helped her through it with such patience and kindness. We will be forever grateful!”

New Light fixure

October 11, 2017

I loved helping prepare this house for the market.  Simple updates make a big impact.  We replaced a large gold chandelier and heavy marble entrance table.  

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10 Steps for Creating a Design Plan

1. Seek inspiration by tearing pages from magazines and catalogs; printing images from websites; and considering what attracts you to favorite objects, destinations, and even restaurants.

2. Review what you have to work with in the space, from furniture to fixtures. Ask yourself: What should I remove, recycle, or repurpose in my design?

3. Draw a floor plan, photograph walls straight on for future reference, and jot down all window measurements.

4. Decide what mood or look you want the room to project and how you will use the room. Now's the time to plan for storage and organization.

5. Decide which color will dominate on the walls, floor, and ceiling. Consider where patterns, colors, and finishes might appear in fabrics and on furniture. Think about accent colors.

6. Start a budget spreadsheet. Work in a 20-percent cushion for unexpected repairs or delivery fees.

7. Go on a fact-finding mission. Shop around, sleuthing in stores and online for products and prices.

8. Weed, prune, and pare down your ideas and selections. Transfer these ideas to a board with floor and wall plans. Step back and review. Then create your master design plan.

9. Recruit your dream team. Line up installers and repair professionals.

10. Set the schedule. Take into account delivery lead times and allow for possible delays.

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